Birding Safaris

Birding can basically be done in Uganda. We have more than 10 best birdwatching destinations, Uganda has more than 1000 bird species inhabiting different habitats like forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers, mountains, rocky areas, woodlands and in savannah areas.


The most visited national parks in Uganda for birdwatching include:

  • Mabamba swamp
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
  • Murchison Falls National Park.
  • Semuliki National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Kibale National Park.
  • Lake Mburo National Park.
  • Rwenzori Mountains National Park.
  • Budongo Forest.
  • Mgahinga National Park.

Mabamba Swamp

If you want to track shoebill, VisitMabamba Swamp which is situated at L.victoria. The swamp hosts over 260 beautiful bird species like Papyrus Gonolek,black-headed weavers, White-winged warblers, Swamp flycatchers, Brown-throated weavers and others.

Shoebill - eBird

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Bwindi is also considered the best destination for birding. This forested haven hosts about 350 bird species and is home to many endemic and rare bird species. On the trails along Buhoma, your ability to view birds like White-billed flycatchers,bar-tailed trogon,grey-chested illadopsis, willcocks, honeyguides known as Indicator birds,black-bee eaters, handsome francolin,black-faced rufous wabler, white-browned crombec, northern- double collared sunbird and among others.

Wilson's Warbler - American Bird Conservancy

Murchison Falls National  Park.

This is known for its powerful waterfalls and some time regarded as the oldest & largest national park in Uganda. This park is home to over 450 bird species. If you are on a game drive, your will be able to spot birds like double-toothed barbet, Heuglins’ francolin, Siverbird, Black-headed batis, Puvel’silladopsis,white-crested turaco,red-throated bee-eater,buff-bellied warbler and if you cruise to the Nile delta you spot birds like Mythical shoebill stork.

Western Black-headed Batis - eBird

Semuliki National Park.

This elegant park is situated in the Albertine rift valley in western Uganda. The park is well known for its female and male hot spring” SempayaHotspring” which is located within the park. The park is home to over 440 bird species which include the long-tailed hawk,blue-billed malimbe, black–wattled hornbill, Yellow-throated Cuckoo, Swamp palm bulbul,white-crested hornbill, Congo-Serpent eagle, Africanpiculet and among others.

White-crested Hornbill - eBird


Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The park is situated in western Uganda and is home to about 600 bird species inhabiting the Savannah, Near lakes and rivers and in the forest. As your on the game drive around in the park and get closer to Mweya, You will be to spot birds like northern-black flycatchers, Red-chested sunbird, Sootychat, slender-billed weaver, blue-throated roller and among others. And other birds like African Jacana, grey-crowned crane, and African skimmer can be viewed on a boat cruise at Kazinga Channel.

Northern Black Flycatcher - Melaenornis edolioides -

Kibale National Park.

This park is home to over 375 bird species which include green-breasted pitta, brown-chested lathe, Abyssinian ground–thrushes,black-bellied seed cracker, yellow-spotted and yellow-bellied barbets, blue-throated roller, crowned eagle, African grey parrot,white-napped pigeons can be spotted. On this birding safari, you can proceed to Bigodi  Wetland Sanctuary which is situated within the park and regarded as a home to beautiful birds like Speckle-breasted woodpeckers, Snowy-crowned robin chat, Bocages bush-shrike, White-winged swamp warbler, White-spotted flufftail and among others.

Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat - eBird

Lake.Mburo National Park.

This is the most incredible birding destination in Uganda. The park is home to over 320  bird species inhabiting the forests and near the swamps of Warukiri&Rwonyo, rocky areas, and the dense savannah where you spot birds like Taboracisticola,golden-tailed woodpecker, Spot –flanked barbet, red-faced barbet, green-capped eremomela and among others. And as you proceed to swamps birds like papyrus gonolek, African finfoot, and white-winged warbler, will be spotted and you will be able to spot giant kingfishers on the tree branches. As you enter into the woodlands of  Lake Mburo National Park beautiful species to spot include the African wattled plover, red-headed lovebird,blue-napped mousebird, Nubian-wood pecker, Yellow-throated longclaw, southern red bishop, black-bellied bustard, brown parrot, Narina trogon and trilling Cisticola.

Southern Red Bishop Information Page · African Legacy

Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The habitats of bird species inhabiting this park range from montane forest bamboo forest, snow sections and glaciers. The park is home to over 220 bird species including, RwenzoriTuraco, Lagden’sbush-shrike, golden-winged sunbird,white-starred robin,chested-bee eater, Long-eared owl, Archers’robin-chat and bore Vulture.

Rwenzori Turaco - eBird

Budongo Forest.

This forest is situated in the kanyoPabidi in Murchison falls national park in the Albertine rift valley. It’s a natural forest and a home to over 360 bird species which include fleeting-cassin’s spine tall, blue-breasted and African dwarf kingfishers, other colourful stunning species like black-bee –eater, Cassin’s hawk-eagle, black-collared lovebird,white-thighed hornbill and Ituribatis.

Photo - Cassin's Hawk-Eagle - Aquila africana -

Mgahinga National Park.

This park is known as a home to mountain gorillas, but besides that, the park is incredible with endemic bird species in the Albertine rift valley. The park is home to over 180 bird species in the dense forest and in the slopes of the extinct volcanoes. It’s an incredible destination for birding safari taking you across the boards of DRC & Rwanda. In this park, you are able to spot beautiful birds like handsome francolin, Kivu ground thrush, red-throated lathe, Rwenzori batis, dusky crimson wing,blue-headed coucal,black-head waxbill, western green tinker bird and Rwenzori nightjar.

Kivu Ground Thrush in Uganda — Albertine Rift Endemic in ...

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