7 days Trekking Rwenzori Mountains

Daily Tour 7 days
Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda Rwenzori Mountains National Park



7 days Trekking RwenzoriMountains(Central Circuit  Trail Experience)


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Day 1:Nyakalengija to Nyabitaba Hut

Your hiking Expedition starts from Nyakalengija to Nyabitabahut. After having your breakfast at the camp, You will be briefed about the hike. And later you will continue your journey passing through Rwenzori National Park. Using the Central Circuit Trail, you will pass through thick tropical forests and thick shrubs.

The tropical forest inhabits different species of animals like elephants, chimpanzees, black& white colobus monkeys, three-horned chameleons, hyrax and among others. If you’re a birder you will spot bird species like long-tailed cuckoo, RwenzoriTuraco, long-eared owls and among others. Later you will have dinner and overnight at Nyabitaba hut.


Day 2:Nyabitaba to John Matte Hut.

In the morning, breakfast at Johnmatte hut and continue hiking for a distance of almost 13km crossing rivers Mubuku and Bujuku. You will proceed passing through montane forests and bamboo trees for about 40 minutes. You may stop at a rock shelter well known as Nyamulejju for lunch or even overnight. After your lunch, you will then continue passing through alpine forests and here you will start to view mount stanely& mount Speke if the sky is not cloudy or covered with fog. Upon arrival at John Matte, you will have dinner, refreshments and spend a night.

Day 3 Matte to Bujuku Hut; John

After having breakfast, If lucky with a clear sky &weather, you view the highest peak with a glacier at this point. You will continue with your journey as you cross meandering rivers like River Bujuku’s swampy valleys. You will spot giant lobelias in the swampy valley, and have a spectacular view of flowers as you hike, As your complete your 5km walk from John Matte to Bujuku hut, You will start to view other incredible features like Lake Bujuku, MountBaker, MountStanely and Mount Speke. Upon arrival at Bujuku Hut, you will have dinner overnight.

 Day 4:Bujuku to Elana Hut

Early morning, you will have your breakfast at Bujuku hut as you prepare for 8 hrs hike. You will proceed with the journey heading off to Elena Hut. Crossing over steep slopes around Lake Bujuku, ground gully and thick swamps. Here you may use a metal ladder for a successful climb on the steep slopes to the top of the gully. The place is so cold, misty, and rocky as you get closer to Mount Stanely. At this point, you will have a direct epic view of Mount Bker& Mount Speke. And this shows that you will be already at the highest peak of Mount Rwenzori.

Day 5:Elena Hut (4563m) to Kitandara (3979m)

You will wake up for breakfast at midnight, After breakfast you will be required to wear hiking gear like warm hand gloves, harnesses and head socks because of the cold and fog within the place. You will also put on a helmet and headlamp even sunglasses for a day light. You hike to the top of Mount Stanely and Margherita Peak. At this point, you will need ropes that ease your movement. With the guide knowledge, you will use crampons and an ice axe when you reach the glacial part.

After a couple of hours, you will proceed and reach Stanely plateau as you move to the lower part of Margherita glacier, The most difficult part that challenges hikers hiking the Rwenzori Mountains. You will continue passing through the glaciated part of Mount Stanely and Margherita Peak (5109m). When you reach the viewing point, you will have an epic view of Lake Ireen, mount Speke. And after you will proceed to Kitandara via the Scott Elliot route. Have dinner and a night at Kitandara.

DAY 6:Kitandara Hut(3979m) to Guy Yeoman Hut(3505m)

Early morning, you will have breakfast at Kitandara and continue to move around Mount Baker, We recommend being careful at this place because the place is slippery. At Kitandara you will later head to the base of Mt.Baker in the southern part of Mt.Rwenzori. You will continue passing through muddy trails to a rock shelter at Bujangolo and later to Guy Yeoman, This will take approximately 7hrs. Guy Yeoman is situated on the bank of river Mubuku.After hiking all those hrs. You will have dinner and spend a night at Guy Yeoman Hut.

Day 7: Guy Yeoman to NyabitabaAnd Finally to Nyakalengija.

Breakfast at Guy Yeoman, and then return to Nyabitaba passing through bamboo shrubs you need to be careful while descending because the trail may be muddy and very slippery. You will keep on trekking for about 5h as you head to Nyabitaba hut. A stopover for lunch and refreshments at Nyabitaba hut, After you proceed, This will take approximately a total of 8 hrs to reach Nyabitabahut. It will be evening time. You will embark on your journey to Kampala/Entebbe.

There are no activities planned for the final day and you are able to depart the accommodation at any time.

The park was gazetted in 1991 and was recognized as a World Heritage site in 1994 and a Ramsar site in 2008. Highest point: 5,109m above sea level on Mt Stanley’s Margherita Peak. The border with DR Congo bisects Mt. Stanley. The Rwenzori is not volcanic like East Africa’s other major mountains but is a block of rock up-faulted through the floor of the Western Rift Valley. The Rwenzoris were christened the “Mountains of the Moon” by the Alexandrine geographer Ptolemy in AD 150. The explorer Henry Stanley placed the Rwenzori on the map on 24th May 1888. He labeled it ‘Ruwenzori’, a local name which he recorded as meaning “Rain-Maker” or “Cloud-King.” The oldest recorded person to reach Margherita Peak was Ms. Beryl Park aged 78 in 2010.
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