Terms and conditions

Booking policy

  1. If there is a change in weather conditions or any hazard, and the weather is poor, the company reschedule the date of the tour.
  2. For gorilla booking, you are required to book at least 1 month before the date of the trip.
  3. To have a gorilla permit, A full payment is done before 1 month to avoid inconveniences during the safari.
  4. Discounts are daily offered to groups (5 people-Above)
  5. Upon Completion of a signed booking form, you are required to pay/deposit 50% and the balance is to be cleared in the period of not more than 2 weeks to the final of the trip.
  6. Cactus Ug Tours & Travel will not make amends for any loss or damage expenses will be incurred by you.
  7. After payment is done, the company confirms your booking by sending you an invoice via email program or any platform.

Cancellation policy

  1. For any cancellation made after booking, the company refunds half of your money if there are 2 weeks to the final date of the trip.
  2. Changes made after 2 weeks to the final date for the trip, there will be no refund.